June 04, 2023

Bova's Bakery

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Boston, MA

Rounding out our North End cannoli tour was Bova’s Bakery!

What we liked: The cream was thick and sweet, the shell had a decent crunch to it, and there was a good ratio of chocolate chips. Overall it had the flavor profile that I look for in a cannoli.

What could be better: This cannoli was the smallest of the three venerable North End bakeries. The shell was a tinyyy bit soft (likely because it had been sitting in the case) and there was definitely room for more cream. Where Bova’s shined was their Florentine cannoli, which tasted like toffee and was huge and very good overall. I would give a higher score if I were judging the Florentine, but gotta stick to the basics here.

7.8 🤌