April 14, 2024

Circo's Pastry Shop

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Brooklyn, NY

Beautiful cannoli from Circo's Pastry Shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

What we liked: Circo's is as classic an Italian bakery as they come. Their cannoli didn't disappoint. The shell was filled fresh when we ordered and was light yet crunchy. The cream was on the sweeter side and was very smooth, with a few chocolate chips floating throughout. The presentation was A+, with a healthy dusting of powdered sugar and candied cherries.

What could be better: A couple of nitpicks with this one. The cream wasn't piped all the way in, so there was a bit of an air gap in the center of the cannoli. Also, the cream was a bit runny and had a slightly different flavor profile than I typically like. Still very good overall.

8.9 🤌