September 06, 2022

Court Pastry Shop

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Brooklyn, NY

Heftyyy cannoli from Court Pastry Shop in Cobble Hill.

What we liked: This huge cannoli costs only $3.50 and is very distinct. The shell is dark and crispy, the filling is sturdy and cold, and the ends are sprinkled with green fruit zest. Overall it’s a great-tasting cannoli and the filling holds its own against the best I’ve had. Also worth mentioning—the no-frills shop is a true classic Italian bakery.

What could be better: The cannoli seemed reasonably fresh, but was not filled on the spot. The outside of the shell was crispy but the inside had a hint of sogginess. The display case had a vibe like the cannoli had been sitting there a little longer than they should have been. Still tasted great, and for $3.50 you can’t go wrong.

7.9 🤌