October 28, 2023

Cousin John's Bakery

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Brooklyn, NY

An "I coulda been a contender" cannoli from Cousin John's Cafe & Bakery in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

What we liked: Crunchy, supremely tasty shell, fresh cold ricotta cream piped in upon orderingā€”this cannoli had all the ingredients to be great. It was even slightly oversized, which a hungry cannoli lover appreciates.

What could be better: I usually try to judge solely on the cannoli itself, but I have to mention that there just wasn't a lot of care put into this cannoli by the staff at the bakery. I could see the chocolate chips and powdered sugar sitting on the counter, but the employee who reluctantly took my order didn't ask if I wanted either. They just filled the cannoli and put it in a bag. On the cannoli itself, the cream was a bit on the soupy side. This one coulda been in the 8's with some chocolate chips, powdered sugar, and a little bit of care.

7.4 šŸ¤Œ