July 09, 2023

Fortunato Brothers

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Brooklyn, NY

I first learned about Fortunato Brothers two years ago when @bambambaklava featured them at his Williamsburg block party and proclaimed their cannoli the best in the world. I knew I had to try one. The line was so long at the block party that I wound up just going straight to the actual bakery. I was not disappointed and it has since become one of my favorite cannolis and bakeries.

What we liked: This is an excellent cannoli. The deep fried shell maintains a solid crunch and has a nice flavor with a little bit of spice. The filling is thick and has an authentic ricotta taste with just the right amount of sweetness and an occasional chocolate chip lurking inside. This cannoli feels like it’s made with care, and it looks great with Fortunato’s signature star-tipped piping. Overall it’s just super enjoyable and likely to convert any cannoli skeptic into a true fan.

What could be better: It’s hard to find faults with this one, but a few minor things to note are that the size can be a bit inconsistent (could be seen as a plus—proof that they’re hand-crafted), and they’re filled ahead of time, which is common among bakeries that sell a lot of cannoli, but leaves you wondering how long they’ve been in the case (probably not long though, because Fortunato’s shells are always crunchy).

9.1 🤌