June 04, 2023

Mike's Pastry

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Boston, MA

Next up on our North End cannoli tour was the original Mike’s Pastry!

What we liked: This place is a cathedral to cannoli. Even if their cannoli isn’t the best I’ve ever had (spoiler), I have to give them credit for putting cannoli on the map. There seems to be a greater awareness of cannoli in Boston than in other cities, and Mike’s definitely plays a big role. As for the cannoli itself, this one was similar, maybe a bit better, than the one we had in Harvard Square. The filling was fresh, the chocolate chips were abundant, and the shell was crispy. As a bonus, this cannoli still tasted pretty good on day 2 after a night in the fridge. The shell stayed remarkably crispy and the ricotta filling was pretty satisfying when cold.

What could be better: Don’t get me wrong, this is a good cannoli, and is probably a good place to start if you’re trying to turn your friends into cannoli lovers. But personally I’m not a huge fan of the light and fluffy texture of the filling, and the shell is too flaky and adds little flavor. I prefer a denser cream and a shell with some crunch and sweetness to it.

8.3 🤌