June 03, 2023

Mike's Pastry - Harvard Sq

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Cambridge, MA

Wide cannoli from Mike’s Pastry in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA.

What we liked: Any cannoli lover would be thrilled to set foot in Mike’s, where cannoli is the star of the show. This cannoli was generously sized and tasted fresh, with a crispy flaky shell and cold ricotta cream filling. Gotta love the ample coating of chocolate chips!

What could be better: I had high expectations for Mike’s, and while it didn’t totally disappoint, there were some elements of the cannoli that weren’t my taste. The shell was very flaky and almost felt delicate, as if I could crush it with my fingers if I weren’t careful. The cream was also not very sweet and tasted closer to plain ricotta cheese. Some people might prefer the lack of sweetness, but I’ll admit I have a sweet tooth. I might be rating this one a bit higher than I should because of its reputation. It’s far from the worst cannoli I’ve had, but it’s definitely not the best.

8.1 🤌