December 02, 2023

New York Bakery

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Astoria, NY

Cannoli from New York Bakery Café in Astoria, Queens.

What we liked: This bakery was bustling! Clearly they have a lot of fans in the neighborhood. I’ll just come out and say right now, this is not a place to get a cannoli. But do try their Greek pastries and desserts! We got a variety of cookies that were great.

What could be better: If we’re talking about the cannoli, a lot. The shell was super soft. The powdered sugar was caked on. The cannoli just felt like it had been sitting in the case for a longgg time. To be fair, no one recommended this place for the cannoli. The rating reflects the cannoli alone. You’ll be much happier with the Greek desserts at this place.

3.5 🤌